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Which Engineering colleges in Bhubaneswar is best?

If you are looking for the best engineering colleges, then one thing which definitely crosses the mind would be IIT Bhubaneswar and National Institute of Technology (NIT Rourkela). Taking the case of private Engineering colleges the following are in the list of top engineering colleges in Odisha:

  • Gandhi Institute for Technology (GIFT), Bhubaneswar
  • International Institute of Information Technology, Bhubaneswar
  • KIIT University
  • Silicon Institute of Technology, Bhubaneswar
  • CV Raman Engineering College, Bhubaneswar
Which are the top 10 private engineering colleges in Odisha?

So many engineering colleges available in Bhubaneswar, Odisha but you have to choose the best one among them. Visit top 10 list of private engineering colleges in Odisha.

What are the top government engineering colleges in Odisha?

There are 10 givt. engineernig colleges in Odisha out of which IIT Bhubaneswar is ranked no.1 and NIT Rourkela at no.2. Apart from this CET Bhubaneswar, VSSUT Burla, IGIT Saranga are famous engineering colleges in Odisha for good teaching and placement record. Visit top 10 list of govt engineering colleges in Odisha

Which are the worst engineering colleges in Odisha?

The engineering colleges which don't have NAAC and NBA accreditation fall in this list. A good engineering college in Odisha must be accredited by NAAC and NBA.

How many engineering colleges are there in Odisha?

More than 150 Engineering colleges in Orissa offering more than 1500 courses. Many private Engineering Colleges in Odisha offering best Engineering courses to the interested students.

How many government engineering colleges are there in Odisha?

Though there are 10 govt. engineering colleges in Odisha, but some top private engineering colleges are better than them.

How many engineering colleges are there in India?

Approximately, around 11,000 engineering colleges in India are approved by AICTE. These colleges are approved by All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE). Out of them more than 200 Engineering colleges are there in Odisha and 10 of them are in our list of top engineering colleges in Odisha.

How can I get admission in Odisha engineering college?

Appear JEE MAIN-2020, which is held every year for admission to Engineering colleges. If you will get a good rank you have chances to take admission in IIT Bhubaneswar or NIT Rourkela. A good rank is also necessary to take admission in Govt. Engineering colleges in Odisha and top private engineering colleges in BPUT.

Which is the cheapest Engineering College in India?

The fee structure is decided by Govt. of Odisha. A Good engineering college will never provide quiality education at a cheap cost. You can visit OJEE website for fee structure of all engineering colleges in Odisha.